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Principal's Corner: It's a great day to be a Silverwolf!

Fremont High School is a special place. We are so very excited to be a part of your high school experience and thrilled to have you as a part of Silverwolf Nation. We know that you bring unique skills and we appreciate the strengths you transport to the educational setting. Your distinctive personality enhances our school and adds richness to a supportive community and a caring school culture. We admire you for you. At Fremont High, we embrace differences and look to build, inspire, and support your goals and help each other in every way. As a faculty and a staff, we are prepared to get you the instructional support you need coupled with your determination, grit, and resilient spirit.

Two years ago, I began my tenure as principal of Fremont High School. The vision that we want to communicate to each student at Fremont is simple. First, we love and support each student and know each of you is capable of greatness. Secondly, we want and expect that each of you will earn your high school diploma and vow to support you in whatever way needed to ensure that this happens for ALL of our students. Further, we EXPECT that each of you will plan for and achieve post-secondary training (college/university). We want you to look ahead, build academic confidence by attempting and conquering rigorous coursework (Concurrent and AP classes), and envision the steps needed to help you become a teacher, attorney, engineer, farmer, accountant, dentist, auto mechanic, surgeon, serviceman, and more. In order to get there, you will need to develop a strong work ethic, good study habits, learn to make good, disciplined decisions, and have a positive attitude. We want you to succeed, so we are willing to do whatever it takes to help you to thrive. The steps you learn here will enable you to earn your diploma, achieve a strong ACT score, and qualify for entrance into a college or university where further study will help you achieve your goals. You can and will get there!

The attainment of these goals will help you to be a valuable contributor to our society. The Rudyard Kipling quote above states, “For the strength of the pack is in the wolf and the strength of the wolf is in the pack.” In order to achieve the goals you have, we acknowledge… we need each other. Fremont High’s teachers, administrators, counselors, and staff are all here to help you to focus on learning, inspire you, and support you so that you can enjoy success. We simply will not allow you to fail… and that means all of you! What sets Fremont apart is that we want you to succeed. As you come into the school this year, you will notice banners that hang throughout the school of various colleges and universities. We hope that as you look at these institutions and that it ignites an academic fire in you that helps you to consider the limitless possibilities of your future. Fremont is special but it is because of you. As you look at our facility both inside and out, it radiates excellence… we treat it with great respect. Our faculty and staff share your dreams and want to help you achieve them. We look forward to a magical year. Let’s make something special together. Go Silverwolves.

Dr. Rod Belnap

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