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Principal's Corner: It's a great day to be a Silverwolf!

Last Friday students were not in school, while teachers and staff were engaged in training on a school level.  We had a terrific speaker that day that talked about student learning in terms of "winning streaks" and "losing streaks."  He described students who are on winning streaks as having the following: confidence, optimism, an expectation of positive results, a strong desire to succeed, self-analysis in failure, high levels of effort, and risk taking.  On the other hand, students on "losing streaks" were pessimistic, waning in effort, had a sense of hopelessness, self-criticizing in failure, and a fear of taking risks.  In life, we are all looking to get on a "winning streak." It is hard because there are various setbacks along the way.  We want to help promote "winning" here at Fremont in your students' academic endeavors.  Just as a single player cannot "win" a game, it takes a "TEAM" to help students win.... that team is you as parents, your student, and all of us here at Fremont High.  We aim to instill optimism and confidence and award effort and risk taking in your student's academic journey. If your student is struggling to get back on a "winning streak," let us know what we can do to help him/her.  We have a team of education professionals whose aim is to help promote winning and put them on the road to success.  I learned a great deal from our speaker and am committed to each student and their success here at Fremont.  We intend to help every student experience success here at Fremont.  Together, we can do it.  It is a Great Day to be a Silverwolf!

Dr. Rod Belnap

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