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Students, Parents, and Supporters of Fremont High,

Schools are amazing places full of opportunities and a chance to make memories. As Fremont High enters its 20th year serving the incredible people of this community, it is a perfect time to not only reflect on the traditions and people that have made it such a great school, but also, consider what mark we will make while we are here. For some, school is a unique opportunity to pursue academic excellence, developing an awareness of people, cultures, and events while finding/pursuing a passion. For others, schools serve as the vehicle where excellence can be achieved through talents developed in the arts, athletics, or clubs. Finally, it is an ideal place to attain excellence through the relationships we develop that often last a lifetime. In each of these worthy pursuits, the common word is “excellence.”  A wise man once said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” This is what makes Fremont High School and the experience you are about to have so unique. No matter what your interest or purpose, “EXCELLENCE” is what sets Fremont high school apart and “EXCELLENCE” is what we strive for.

            Next year, the school theme is, “The Pride in the Pack is Back.” The pride in being a Silverwolf remains with us forever but it starts here. Years ago, I read that the word TEAM meant… “Together Everyone Achieves More.”  There is no question that it takes a team dedicated to one single purpose to achieve one's educational potential. It requires a commitment from administration, teachers, staff, students, and parents, to work together to be the best we can be.  Being a part of the great tradition of Fremont High School is a special opportunity and we are fortunate to experience this together. At Fremont, our mission is “To educate and inspire… to prepare you not only to learn but to prepare you for life.” We are committed to providing a first-class experience that will establish the foundation for achieving your goals and to prepare you for the future. I realize how precious our children are and the sacrifices parents make so that their children can get a quality education in this competitive world.  I encourage you to support your student in his/her educational goals and to support Fremont students and their activities.  Students, feel free to approach me (and our administrative team) and introduce yourselves as we are excited meet you (and to see you again).  I encourage you all to get involved in extra-curricular activities (music, clubs, athletics, and more) as this can make for a rich educational experience and help you stay connected to this great school.  This is what makes schools great and what makes Fremont the best… “The Pride in the Pack is Back!” Have a great start of the year and GO SILVERWOLVES!  


Dr. Rod Belnap